Monday, April 28, 2008

Death by time and the end of the year

so today i completed my gallery talk. it went surprisingly better than i thought it would. with my recent unnecessary anxiety attacks i was afraid i would have stalled, burst into tears, and then have a heart attack. i took several deep breaths and composed myself.
after completing 12 small pieces within about a weeks time i was burnt out (each were maybe4-5 hours each, so thats about a total of about 48-60 work hours). i was just about as burnt out after completing my wolf drawings which took maybe 3 weeks for all 9 of them, including the large piece( the small ones were around 10-15 hours each and the large was 50-60). it seems i like to exhaust myself over short periods of time.
i am a bit relieved after hanging my show and doing my gallery talk, but i wont be completely fine until my review is over.


Cameron Richardson said...

Well, I can't figure out how to add you on my list. This is good enough I guess. For right now anyways...

Cameron Richardson said...

I figured it out now. (how to put you on the link list). So what are you going to put in the graduate show ross? I guess I'm going to put the big pile of dirt in. Can you help me with it?