Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So my show is over and the reception seemed to go over pretty well. A good indicator was that all the beer was gone around 8 or so, and there was alot. The end of this year has not quite set in yet, im told it takes a while. anyway, heres a few photos of my work featured in my senior show ROAD TO RUIN.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Death by time and the end of the year

so today i completed my gallery talk. it went surprisingly better than i thought it would. with my recent unnecessary anxiety attacks i was afraid i would have stalled, burst into tears, and then have a heart attack. i took several deep breaths and composed myself.
after completing 12 small pieces within about a weeks time i was burnt out (each were maybe4-5 hours each, so thats about a total of about 48-60 work hours). i was just about as burnt out after completing my wolf drawings which took maybe 3 weeks for all 9 of them, including the large piece( the small ones were around 10-15 hours each and the large was 50-60). it seems i like to exhaust myself over short periods of time.
i am a bit relieved after hanging my show and doing my gallery talk, but i wont be completely fine until my review is over.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


my car door is frozen so it looks like im spending the night in my studio.

death by panels and being meticulous

i was told today by Mr. Krause that i was being too meticulous. i personally believed that being meticulous was a good thing; taking great cation in everything i did. once i mentioned that he thought it wasn't working for me i became baffled. i immediately countered by asking, "you mean careless"(because we were discussing the current craft of my panels). he replied, "no, i mean meticulous". the great care and time i took in making sure my imagery was completely accurate was keeping me from getting work done. i knew i was working enough to not make me worry, but for some reason the product was putting out the wrong signal. so Kim's great knowledge shined down upon my head as if Jesus himself was wispering into my ear,"hell yeah". i instantly agreed with him in my head and i took this conversation as a passport to do what i was good at, being careless. with all the weight of senior year on my shoulders i was being told to loosen up. then he showed me how to sand my crappy panels (they do look better now).